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My Pricelist for Websites


Everybody likes something different ...
.. this is a good job otherwise the world would be a very boring place indeed! Websites vary tremendously so in order to give me an idea of your needs, please fill out a price enquiry form.
Alternatively, you can call or email me to discuss your needs.

Price Enquiry

I can provide expanding sites (See "Size" on info page) or centered pages, Static sites or even CMS type sites (content managed site) so you can update it yourself. In fact, there is no limit!

You will find that my websites cost a fraction of the price of those you see on other sites. A full website of around 1-4 pages would normally cost around £500-£600! A 10 page website can cost as much as £800 upwards!! I’m sure you’ll agree- these prices are extortionate.

Why are my prices so affordable?
I have no overheads and I enjoy my work so this is a mixture of a hobby and work.
I am also working towards building up a client list so again, you benefit from these great prices at the moment.
Get your order in quick before I become a huge corporation and charge 4 times as much :-)

What you get?:
When you ask me to create a website for you, you are probably guessing what this will it include?
A Basic (static) website consists of:

  1. An xhtml valid site using the latest CSS Style sheet
  2. Logo of your choice (if required)
  3. Free page counter if needed (Provided by Statcounter or AWStats)
  4. A Drop down menu (if required)
  5. A Favourite icon if needed (Shows an icon next to the url
  6. Free submission to Google and around 20 other Search engines.

£ Call for Prices

Refreshing an old site:
If your site is in need of a complete overhaul, then I can update it with the latest CSS Styles and xhml coding.
This will benefit you by making your site more accessible to newer browsers. It will provide faster loading pages which will in turn reduce bandwidth. It also reduces file sizes making storage space less on the server.
Unfortunately, this can take just as long as building a site from scratch so the prices will be similar to the above "Fully working html Website" but with a 10% reduction.

As an example, a site that I completed recently now has all of its pages loading twice, or even four times faster (based on a dial-up connection).

Websites with Flash:
I can create Flash websites if you need but these can be very time consuming so therefore cost more.
If you just wanted a flash heading, then please add £50 extra to the prices above. Full flash sites please call or email to discuss prices.

Maintenance of Websites:
If you want to maintain your own site then that's fine but if you wanted me to maintain it, then this would be an additional cost as follows:

1-5 Page Site - from £25.00 per year *
5-10 Page Site - from £40.00 per year *
Over 10 Pages - Please call to discuss

* Depending on frequency, these prices are based on 1 update per page!
Please also remember that the first year is free!

Once you have your site ....
Once the site has been created, many people think that's it, I'm on the internet ..... Sadly this is not true. There are a few more steps you need to take to make you visible on the Web.
Please check out the INFORMATION page for more details.

Big web hosting at small prices