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A Quick rundown of some of our creations/work

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Clive Jackson
Clive Jackson is a videographer of very high quality. He has had his site "profesionally" done a while back but they didn't give him any expandability so he was stuck with his old design.
He asked me for a new design that he could add to in the future that was stylish and quick and used his own corporate colours/font. See the link left to see what I came up with.

This involved a custom made menu system from scratch, used his own font for the heading (which he supplied) and will feature many example videos once they have been forwarded to me.

The videos will be in flash format which is sleek and fast and are viewable from most PC's, just have to wait for Clive's busy lifestyel to slow down a bit before I can upload some videos for him.
Also included is a free years worth of updates!

Hirst Research
Sian from Hirst Research & Marketing contacted me via my Ebay advert and was surprised by the affordable price that I quoted her.
With only 7 pages, this is a fairly small site so this only cost £180 which is far cheaper than any competitor.

Sian wanted a fresh design and as her letterheads were green, this was a good start, she also had a domain name already sorted so a good turn around was performed.

A Year's support is included in this price as there won't be many updates.

Edwards school of motoring
Edwards School of Motoring was originally a flash site built by Mark himself using a simple flash program.

Unfortunately, it wasn't being picked up by the search engines and didn't look very professional so he approached me to do a proper site for him.
He still likes flash so I created a flash header along with a streamline website which is not only fast, but clean and informative, yet another happy customer.

Mark now has something to build on and is very happy because within one week of the new site going live, he had somebody browse it and got an enquiry which goes to show what a good site can do for you

Jump 4 Joy
Jump 4 Joy was a fun little site to do, it's for the hire of Bouncy Castles and inflatable's. This came about from word of mouth and simply was a joy to do (no pun intended).

Mark had already commissioned a logo to be done by another company so the site had to be aligned with this logo (Logo is just top right section).

I matched in a rollover menu with it surrounded the page with the same colours giving a bright and funky look to the site.

Once I had the idea, and all the photos had been emailed to me, it only took 2 days to complete as it's a small 4 page site. I have also provided Mark (The owner) with a favorites icon and free submission to over 50 search engines.

Mark is extatic with his new website and wishes he had more buttons to press, this will come in time when he updates his stock. For such a small site like this, upkeep is around £25-£30 per year.
Just goes to show, no site is too small.

Click icon above to see the site in action.

Brayspeed Motorsprot Videos
Brayspeed are a professional outfit that produces great Motorsport Videos. Tony wanted a more professional looking site to reflect his image so I was tasked with the updated.
This involved a total re-design with a logo and a fast interface as there are lots of pictures and videos.

This site was completed from conception to uploading in just under a week which isn't bad considering he didn't know what colours or design he wanted.

To add to the update, Tony also wanted a secure area where users had to logon and create an account to access the protected Videos. This was achieved using "Locked Area" which is a free service and very simple/configurable to use.

Tony also wanted to have the ability to update the site himself so the main content is done in tables which he understands even though the rest of the site uses external css styles and valid xhtml code.

Tony is extremely happy with the final product, which is why he is producing a video for me to advertise my services.

etb instruments
ETB instruments are a well known company in the Kitcar fraternity. They specialise in Instruments for Kitcar, classic cars, sportscar, in fact any car that want's good instruments.

Whilst their website as good, the menu system was not working in Firefox (the second most popular web browser) and some of the pages were slow due to heavy graphics.

I totally re-wrote all the coding, using css styles, optimised all the pages, tidied up the layout and fixed the menu system.

The site now not only looks nicer but each page loads over 2x faster* and some pages are up to 4.5 times faster.
John was so pleased, he has now commissioned me to do a web shop for him - Result!

westfield sports car club
The Westfield Sports Car Club is a website for owners of a brilliant Kitcar called a Westfield.
I'm actually a member of this club which is one of the best supported clubs on the web - no mistake.

I took on the role of dragging it into the 21st century and updating not only the menu system but a complete overhaul including picture optimisation, correct coding, css styling.
This resulted in a vastly improved look, faster pages and also included a webshop built into the pages.

This is an ongoing upgrade for which I am giving weekly/monthly support as due to the nature of the club, things need updating on a regular basis.

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