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A Quick rundown of some of our creations/work

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A6 Windows

A6 Windows is a successful northern based windows company who's website has gone through many changes. Paul asked us to give is site a complete overhaul as the pages were getting bulky and slow.

The website's pages have been taken into the 21st century using the latest design styles making it easier to update in the future, much faster loading times (up to 5 times on some pages) along with a full multi layer drop down menu.
Paul was so impressed that he has commisioned us to update his other 3 sites - That's what you call customer satisfaction.

MPH Clothing

A New company launch so a new website was needed for MPH Clothing

I try to keep away from framed sites but it was necessary for this company as the core catalogue was embeded into the full range.
A Custom header and rollover images for the core stock makes this site easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

Mark was extremely impressed with our work, he must be because this is the 2nd site we have done for him so far.

See if Websites by Tigger can can impress you too by giving us a call with your requirements.

Your Property cyprus

Your Property Cyprus was a project started by Daniel but he was unable to finish it so he contacted us to complete it.

It had a two domain names with a php database on one and a static website on the .com site.
These were amalgamated into one site and a re-direction put onto the domain so a perfect consistency resides on both domains.

All this was done in 3 days from start to finish and included a favicon (favourites icon), keywords, proper titles and descriptions which help with search engine visibility.

If you have a website that needs finishing off, just drop us a line, I'm sure we can sort if for you at a very resonable price.

Geartronics already had a site up and running but it was a home made affair which although was functional, it did not portray the professionalism of the company.
I was commisioned to create a site for them with a rollover gallery, rotating images on the homepage and updated style throughout.

You can see the results by clicking the image left.
Neil is over the moon with the result and will be recommending our services forthwith.
The new site still has the corporate logo and colours but is much faster and much easier to navigate as some of the pages on the old site were practically invisible.
Please call us now if you need your site updated.

Furn-it Furniture
Furn-it (formely known as New Trend Living) wanted a classy looking site to go with their very classy furniture.
John knew exactly what he wanted which made my life a lot easier, I just had to put it into practise and polish off the ideas that he had.
The site features a flash gallery on the homepage and many detailed pages on each item with sizes and prices.

This will eventually link directly to the bank for online payments once the bank gets it's act together but for now, the site is up and running and John is extremely happy with the overall design and look of the website.
If you have an idea, let us put it into reality for you, just drop us an email with your dream.

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